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Glacial® Rx is the first and only CryoAesthetics™ treatment that uses precision cooling to fight inflammation and reset better skin from within. World-recognized scientific founders figured out a way to harness the biological relationship between cold and skin and reshape the way we treat skin conditions with controlled temperatures.

Today, Glacial® Rx is the first and only treatment that uses precision cooling to reduce inflammation and to increase skin brightness from inside out. Glacial® Rx uses Cryomodulation™ – a novel process using controlled cooling to target skin inflammation, skin discoloration, and thermal injury from other treatments. It works by:

Closeup of a woman having inflammation on her face

Downregulating Inflammation

It decreases pro-inflammatory mediators and increases anti-inflammatory mediators to calm inflamed skin.

Closeup of a woman with white spots on her face

Accelerating Exfoliation

It removes dead skin and stimulates the production of new, healthy skin cells.

Closeup of a woman with melanin on her face

Normalizing Melanin

Melanin transfer is impaired and pigmentation is normalized.

Closeup of a woman with thermal injury on her face

Reducing Thermal Injury

Precision cooling calms inflammation, redness, and pain from other treatments, like laser- and heat-based treatment.

Closeup of a woman getting relief after treatment

Providing Topical Anesthetic Relief

Cooling delivers gentle numbing to soothe discomfort caused by other treatments.

Scientifically Proven:

“What’s different with cryomodulation is the level of control you can exert. It turns out, a few degrees makes a big difference in what happens.”

R. Rox Anderson, M.D., Scientific Founder

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Glacial Rx Chilled Facial Cooling Massage Luxe Package For An Ultimate Cell Renewal

This package is the ultimate no recovery, no downtime facial that truly works. Strongly backed by science and research, results are felt and instantly seen after the 60 minute treatment.

This is not an ordinary pampering facial. There is no pampering here. This is a medical-grade facial. Every treatment step is designed to produce results. This is Dr. Cynthia Lopez’ favorite treatment for a short notice social event.

Dr Cynthia Lopez glowing immediately after treatment.

Dr Cynthia Lopez immediately after treatment. Instant Glow.

The Package Includes

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